This site is for

People who would like to exercise but can't or won`t for health  or other reasons.

Questions .

1  Can you ride a bike .?

If you can ,

an E Bike may be just what you need .

with an E Bike you can have power assisted  peddling,so when you pedal a small motor is turned on for the period of time you are peddling.You can also fold it up and put it in the boot ,yes a fold up Bike ,obviously there are bikes that don't fold up ,

The E Bike is fully controllable so stopping and starting is no problem once you have spent a few minutes going through the very easy preliminary checks .

Do you want a bit of freedom ?

Are you stuck in because you find it hard to walk far ?

Do you want a new lease of life ?

an E Bike can help you get it  ,we all deserve a healthier life ,it can also help you loose weight ,so that can't be bad.........