People of our age group 60 + who are generally in good health should follow some simple rules

before setting out on their bike ride.


1    Stay close to home.

2    Try to find a designated cycletrack or park to ride around.

3    Don`t go on main roads unless you are a competent cyclist

4    Always carry a snack with you.

5    Build up your time slowly i.e 10 mins a day at first then increase after a while to a limit you feel most comfortable with - do NOT exert yourself.

 6    Don`t go out in bad weather.

7     Most of all enjoy being out in the fresh air and getting some excersise, ideally with a companion.

8     Always remember your age and your limitations.



The idea of us riding a bike of any kind is only for excersise ,"the tour de france" is not an option for us .

the E bike makes it easier going up hills or getting home when we tire , because we are getting old , and falling off can have some major consequenses at our age.







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