I have just bought a new E Bike , here is what is wrong with me and here is the result i have found riding an E Bike.


1   I am 70 years old not very active until i bought my E Bike

2   I had a replacement hip to alleviate pain in my back and hips without success.

3   I developed Atrial Fibrillation and eventually had a heart Ablation.

4  I had another operation that went wrong and I subsequently had 8 strokes or TIAs.

5   I am breathless when walking a few metres

6  My hips, back, knees ,and muscles ache and hurt when walking

7   There are other problems but they do not relate to buying a E Bike, that is down to the amount of medication I take.

 Then .............wait for it             da da da    da da  da da       da da.

My Wife and i thought it would be worth a try with a E Bike ,my wife bought me one for my birthday

and I bought her one forXmas,(we bought folding bikes that go in the boot of the car) ,I hadn`t ridden a bike for 40 or so years ,neither had she.

I promptly fell off ,grazing my elbow and grazing my ankle on the bike ,lesson learned trying the electrics before learning to ride a bike again.

Ok so I got to take my first proper ride , it was Fantastic ,I could only walk a couple of metres but here I was cycling for miles  it was a revelation , getting up hills , no problem  

So easy to control ,i absolutely  Love it.

Read the do`s and dont`s , and  also-check out  what you need in the way of tools and accesories because you will need some.